Our long-term involvement in criminal law allows us to undertake all kinds of criminal cases, providing a comprehensive and accountable defense in cases of any offense, misdemeanor or crime, punishable either under the Greek Criminal Code such as crimes against life and bodily integrity, crimes against property and property rights, crimes against honor, crimes related to currency, or those punishable under Special Criminal Laws.

We undertake the legal support and defense of our clients starting from the pre-trial stage, the main interrogation, before the Judicial Councils and the Criminal Courts of all levels, up to the appellate procedure in the Supreme Court (drafting of memorandums, through preparation of criminal files and representation in court). At the same time, we represent individuals and legal entities for the prosecution/civil counsel in crimes committed against them (filing lawsuits – prosecutions, monitoring the course of criminal proceedings, representation of prosecution/civil counsel in the pre-trial hearing and the hearing).

Our firm specializes in financial crime cases of both the Criminal Code and Special Criminal Laws, such as tax evasion, debts to the State, issuance of fraudulent invoices and other tax items, smuggling, financial fraud, bribery, stock market fraud and check fraud. With our many years of experience, with consistency and professionalism, we take advantage of every defensive claim and provide a thorough and dynamic defense from the pre-trial stage (preliminary examination, preliminary investigation, main investigation), up until every stage of the main proceedings before the Criminal Court and before the Supreme Court.